Web store Fyrry – fyrry.fi

The business idea of fyrry.fi web stroe is be a sponsor for young mountain bike orienter. By acquiring beautiful Finnish handcrafted tinplate products from fyrry.fi web store you support the young athlete towards goals. Thank you for your support in advance!

Web store Fyrry’s background

The products that are sold at the web store FYRRY are handmade in Finland by local graftsmen, plakkyri in Finnish.

The graftmen has a solid tradition in our home village. According to tradition, in the late 1700 to half, Poland would have become a damper blacksmith to manufacture handy use goods. The guest came and went, but left the local skill to manufacture the products. Over the years, the skill moved from house to house to another. Was born a new profession Pläkkyrit. In the beginning of chapter 1900, a significant proportion of the population of Vähänkyrö became a living in one way or another through the hands of the Pläkkyrien. The products were manufactured for both use and blankets. As one of the important toy of that time, Fyrry, an inflatable item, in which the spinning of the shaft is a rotating spinning, depending on the fan, the wheels are shorter or longer. Fyrry was produced in almost every workshop, so the whole was nicknamed Fyrrykyröö.

For myself, the profession of Pläkkyri became very familiar with the little boy. The next door was a pläkkyricouple Niilo and Taimi Kiviniemi, whose workshop came out a little bit. With a Niilo, or a more familiar Nipe, there was always time for a chop at the eye corner to chat nice. At the beginning of the 1980 century, I was acting in a television presenting a pläkkyri profession. In the role of the Pläkkyri’s assistant.

Nowadays, a young athlete is pretty tricky to find a sponsor for a hobby. To meet this challenge is the web store fyrry.fi established in autumn 2016. Trade output is controlled by 100% directly to support sport. Hopefully you will also be involved in supporting future goals as a reader of this story. The easiest way to do this is by ordering genuine and original tinplate products from fyrry.fi.